Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rome: Built in One Day

Call me a child
And I will call you a fool!
Rome was actually built in one
Day just for you!

You get all pissy at me
Cause I know the way:
rome was actually
built in just one day!

Secretly, you wish
You hadn’t called me a bitch
When you got together with your friends &
Served a dish of fresh diss
Except it wasn’t fresh
It wasn’t even French
It was totally stale
And your yesterdays
pile of rotted junk mail

The reality of the situation is
Your just mad at me
Cause I know what’s up
That Rome was actually
Only built in one day.

If I don’t have it  ~ I Don’t spend it
Or I make rome up in a day for free
And in return all the proceeds go to me!

Which leads to my point
What ive been saying all along
Rome was actually built in a day
Just for fun!

Your just mad at me
Cause you believe it when they say
Sweetie sit still relax
Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Wanna bet?

(from the series, "Potato Contortions France")